Feel comfortable even on off-road by virtue of an independent suspension and shock absorbers.
Charge the device directly on the road, thanks to the USB connector mounted in the steering wheel.
Get to your favorite places with ease thanks to an electric traction reserve of 25km.
The Mobel will be easy to support for everyone.
With the help of Mobel you will no longer have to carry heavy packages in your hands. It has a front luggage compartment, and backpacks that are attached to the back of the seats.


An independent front and rear suspension with a shock absorber

An incline the front wheels (causes safety during turns)

Hydraulic disc brakes

A three-level epicyclic (planetary) gearing

An ability to develop the desired speed thanks to the presence of pedals

An independent electric drive on both rear wheels 2х350W

Maximum electric traction speed is 25 km/h

A reserve for a 25 km electric traction

A possibility to get to the destination at full discharge of the battery due to driver and passenger bicycle drive

An ergonomic seats

An availability of front luggage compartment

Rear backpacks

Headlights, rear position lamps

An availability of USB

Unique steering wheel

Simplicity in driving

Reliability and safety

A simplicity in service (all wear elements of standard bicycle run)


The Mobel was created by the team of eight Ukrainian specialists. We have been concentrating our efforts during two years for inventing functional transport.


Our purpose was creating of comfortable eco-friendly transport, and we have achieved the goal! We have combined simplicity, technology and perfection, provide high quality and comfort in “Electro - Bike - Mobel”.


Now the inventor's team needs consumers support to launch a serial release of safe green transport.


Join us: together we will make the world better!


Our achievements

We have made the first prototype and after testing
Mobel in the mountains, in the city and the resort area,
we understood that this is exactly what busy people
need in order to combine busy environment
with relaxing and joy.


Mobels left

with special price


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